Become A Distributor for Huge Potential Market

Are you interested in owning your own business and selling some of the strongest brands in the mobile accessory business?

BOROFONE sells the multiple series of mobile accessory directly to customers and through a network of independent distributors. Contact us today to build your business with the best mobile accessories on the market.

Why Become A BOROFONE Distributor?

1 Massive Global Market

No matter where you are, mobile phone is essential, and the accessories market of mobile phone is a massive global market. With BOROFONE, align your business closely with the huge potential market.

2 Multi-dimensional Product Lines

BOROFONE has the ability to offer you different product lines based on your different customer levels. And our highly reliable and proven headphone can significantly reduce your total running costs.

3 Beat the Competition

There are many other buletooth headphone, but none which can offer a wealth of raw material resources, rapid technological improvement and strong control of production costs like BOROFONE.

4 Training & Support

Distributors are the foundation of BOROFONE globally successful business, and we invest accordingly. Distributors receive considerable initial training as well as ongoing technical, sales and marketing support.

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